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What is baton?

What is Baton Twirling? Well, it is the maneuvering of one or more baton sticks through the air, performing difficult technical body moves while executing intricate baton tricks. Regardless of what some would have you believe, Baton is a sport, and a very demanding one at that. In order to master Baton Twirling, not only do you need to have excellent hand eye coordination, flexbiltiy, endurance, rhythm and timing, but also a good deal of courage! Courage you ask? Well, you try catching a spinning baton behind your head and you'll see what we mean.

Now, don't let all that scare you, anyone can twirl Baton, provided they have proper training. Hence, this page to convince you to give it a twirl, and join our club.

Please select the class you are interested in, or the event you wish to learn more about, from the lists below: