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Theme Corps Class

"How the Grinch Stole Christmas"
This season we will continue to refine and revise the Performance Number started last season. It will now become a Competitive Theme Corps! The program focuses on dancing, baton twirling, and manipulating props (ex. hoops, ribbons, candy canes) revolving around our "Grinch" Theme. All students with one year or more of twirling are welcome to participate. Additional fundraising may be required to purchase props. General group requirements for all twirlers are as follows:

º All members are required to take at least one type of twirling class.
º All members are required to purchase a group costume. Costumes will be designed, sized and made in the early part of the season and will range in price from approximately $30.00 to $100.00 depending on the design and level of the group.
º All members are required to purchase the same legwear and footwear.
º Members will be placed according to their age, individual group status (level) and number of years experience.
º All members are required to compete at the following local competitions throughout the season:

January Fun/Rating Competition
March Central Region Championships
June Swing Into Summer Competition

Note: Members may also be required to compete at the Parkland Region Competition and the Provincial Championships.

Location: Catherine Nicholas Gunn Elementary School
Time: Mondays, TBA
Length: 1 hour
Fees: $15/month (GST incl.)

Note: All times and locations may be subject to change